Your Options

What could we do for you?

If you already have a website, Ali can carry out a vulnerability test and assessment for you - to improve your resistance to hacking and fraud.

If you don't know how to use Google Analytics, Guangming can take you through the process from start to finish

Do you have problems sharing files or working from shared documents?  We can design a complete network solution for you that will make sense of your IT.

Do you need to use IT to enable change through your business?  David can help with that.

Want to use sensors and data in a new way?  Masood can advise you on the electronics, the design, the chips, the programming, the cloud, the analytics or the visualisation.

Need to look at the business case for an investment, or to work out where to invest?  Use one of our Management and Chartered Accounting experts such as Stephen to help you.

Want to invest, but concerned about the cost?  Why not apply for the ICT Escalator grant to remove 30% of the cost and the risk from your investment? 

Business & Sustainability - want to know how to become more environmentally friendly?

Coaching and Mentoring - let us help your management team become true leaders of your sector. John Grisby is the expert

Want to take part in a workshop on Sustainable and green business management?  Mohamed can work with you on something special

Want to develop the talent your employees and create high performance teams? The Manager as Coach – one day programme, delivered by Veronica Garbett, if this is for you!  Veronica can also arrange for this program to be presented in-house at a time that suits you.)

Project Management

We live in a changing world where businesses and organisations are constantly adapting. Achieving success is only possible if all those involved have the drive and the skills to enable forward movement and growth. This is where ‘Innovation and Enterprise’  can help you with a customised approach by applying lean and smart principles to your business and embedding cutting edge  knowledge through workshops tailored to you.

Our trainers understand the challenges you face in your environment and how the lack of a structured approach can compromise the success of a project. Structured but not rigid, as project management methodologies can be designed specifically to your needs.

Flexibility has always been a key factor in the success of our approach to project management: the method we use is readily custom built to the needs of any organisation, the project in hand, and the professional role of the person managing the project, applicable and scalable in a wide variety of environments: its principles remain consistent, but not all elements of the method need to be applied comprehensively to every project.

Our expertise will take you through the underpinning philosophy and principles of project management, the lifecycle, roles and responsibilities of the agile project. We can design a specified workshop for you and your staff and provide you with the skills and knowledge to lead and implement successful projects.

Leadership, Management and Coaching and Mentoring

Through bespoke workshops, which can also lead delegates to professional certification, we have enabled companies to implement effective management structures and develop their knowledge so they can improve productivity across the business. Whether you are at the beginning of you journey in your career, or the company has grown significantly in the past few years, your employees might be facing challenges of managing new work dynamics, dealing with conflict, trying to embed a new culture or ‘change the way things are done around here’. Our expertise means we can listen to your challenges, understand where you are and where you want to provide you with the skills you are seeking to instil in your staff. Furthermore coaching in the workplace is recognised as a tool to train and retain good staff. In these workshops we will guide you through how you can implement a coaching culture in your organisation and ensure staff gain, retain skills and feel valued.