You can access our broad experience in project management, leadership coaching and mentoring and lean process methodology.  


Our experts can help develop your project management expertise, get the most out of your organisations processes, and unlock the potential in your management. Apply to get in touch with one of our business partnership managers to find out more about how we can take your business to the next level.



ICT Escalator Workshops


Project Management

ICT Escalator can help your business manage a constantly changing environment using a customised approach that applies lean and smart principles to your business and embeds cutting edge knowledge through workshops tailored to you.


Our trainers understand the challenges you face in your environment and how the lack of a structured approach can compromise the success of a project. Flexibility has always been a key factor in the success of our approach to project management: the method we use is custom built to the needs of any organisation, the project in hand, and the professional role of the person managing the project. 


Our expertise will take you through the underpinning philosophy and principles of project management, the lifecycle, roles and responsibilities of the agile project. We can design a specified workshop for you and your staff and provide you with the skills and knowledge to lead and implement successful projects.


Leadership, Management and Coaching and Mentoring

Whether you are at the beginning of you journey in your career, or the company has grown significantly in the past few years, your employees might be facing challenges of managing new work dynamics, dealing with conflict, trying to embed a new culture or ‘change the way things are done around here’. 


Our expertise means we can listen to your challenges, understand where you are and where you want to provide you with the skills you are seeking to instil in your staff. Through bespoke workshops, which can also lead delegates to professional certification, we have enabled companies to implement effective management structures and develop their knowledge so they can improve productivity across the business. 


Coaching in the workplace is recognised as a tool to train and retain good staff. In these workshops we will guide you through how you can implement a coaching culture in your organisation and ensure staff gain, retain skills and feel valued.


Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is an internationally recognised business improvement system designed to improve quality and efficiency whilst reducing wasted time and effort.


Delivered by Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts, these workshops aim to improve business growth by constantly improving processes and ensuring a steady delivery of customer value. 


An expert Master Black Belt will have a consultation session with you to understand the challenges of your business and your employees. Based on the information you provide we will design and develop a workshop personalised to your challenges and needs.

ICT Escalator Workshops

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