Workshops and CPD


We will work with you at no cost initially to find out what you really need help with.  If we find a barrier to your growth that could be addressed through 1-2-1 coaching, workshops or assistance then we will help you with a grant to access that help either from us or any other supplier of your choice.  Our 1-2-1 assistance looks at your particular problem, and takes the form of (usually) 4 half day sessions but it could be more or less as your company needs.  It's practical help, not "point and lecture" - we'll work with you on YOUR problems.


We offer help in - 

  • Web application development – inc SEO, digital marketing
  • Expanding and making sales abroad – EU/ Non-EU
  • Artificial Intelligence for SMEs - Analytics/ Google Analytics/ CRM Analytics
  • How to bring in a CRM system
  • How to bring in a ERP/ MRP system?
  • First Line management
  • Pricing and your Brand
  • Bidding for government contracts
  • CIC and Social Enterprise – governance, creating a competitive advantage
  • CIC and Social Enterprise – Strategies for trustees and chief execs
  • Sales - Persuading and influencing for success
ICT Escalator Workshops