State Aid

De minimis state aid declaration

It is a requirement of the European Structural Funds regulations that we ensure that we comply with the state aid rules.  The assistance you are being offered is being given under the European Commission’s State Aid regulations. This allows a company to receive up to €200,000 of de minimus state aid over a rolling three-year period.

To confirm that you are able to receive this assistance you must therefore declare the full amount of de minimus aid you have already received over the last 3 fiscal years.

The following is not a comprehensive list of the possible forms of aid.  However it should give an indication of the most common forms of aid which you may have been given over the past three years.  Potentially any assistance from a public body might be an aid.

  • Grants from public bodies
  • Loans from public bodies at favourable rates
  • Loan guarantees from public bodies
  • Differential tax benefits
  • Grants from an investment trust (including charities) which may themselves have received the funds from a public body
  • Grants from a part publicly funded venture capital fund
  • Publicly administered funds, even if the funds were originally not public such as the national lottery
  • Waiving or deferral of fees or interest normally due to a public body such as the waiving or deferral of rent or waiver of interest normally due on late payment of taxation or other costs to a public body
  • Monopoly licences or guarantees of market share
  • Advertising via a public channel such as a tourist board or state owned television
  • Consultancy advice provided either free or at a reduced rate
  • Training provided either free or at a reduced rate
  • Aid for investment in environmental projects
  • Provision of a free or reduced rate feasibility study for research and development or other assistance with research and development
  • Purchase of public land or property at a less than market rate
  • Benefiting from the provision of infrastructure where your organisation was pre-identified as a beneficiary


These types of aid may have been provided under de minimis (as de minimis aid) or under another State Aid regulation. If you are in any doubt whether aid received was de minimus aid or about its value, check with the organisation which provided the aid. If they are unable to say or there is any uncertainty, assume that it was de minimis aid unless its value exceeded €200,000 in which case it cannot have been de minimis.

Any de minimus state aid awarded to you under this project will have to be declared if you apply, or have applied, for any other de minimus aid. Confirmation of final support value will be provided when assistance has finished based on your final number of contact hours with the project.