Grant Application

The ICT Escalator Grant is available to any SME within the ICT Escalator Project which has received up to 12 hours support from a University partner and is eligible for ERDF funding, fulfilling the criteria set out below.

The grant is to assist SMEs to implement broadband expansion leading to growth of the business and the development of new products and services. The grant should make the business more viable, resilient and support growth of turnover and employment. It should enable the business to become more competitive in the national and international economy.

The grant is only available to businesses who have worked with a University partner for up to 12 hours to develop an Action Plan. A business should discuss this grant application with the Business Partnership Manager prior to submission especially if the business or market has changed substantially from the date of the completion of the Action Plan.

The grant scheme is being run by University of Bedfordshire as part of the ICT Escalator Project working with Open University using European Regional Development Funds until August 2019