Before we start - are you in the SEMLEP area?  The programme is aimed at SMEs in the region - trying to grow the region's economic activity.

First, you must be an "Enterprise" - An enterprise is considered to be any entity engaged in an economic activity, irrespective of its legal form. This includess self-employed persons and family businesses engaged in craft or other activities, and partnerships or associations regularly engaged in an economic activity.  Essentially, you are engaged in trade – not a government funded body such as the NHS – and aiming to charge for a service, product or process.

Secondly - you must be an SME - this relates to the headcount and turnover or balance sheet of your actual or planned business:

Company category

Staff headcount



Balance sheet total


< 250

≤ € 50 m

≤ € 43 m


< 50

≤ € 10 m

≤ € 10 m


< 10

≤ € 2 m

≤ € 2 m


Not yet formed, or has formed in the past 12 months.  


Thirdly - you should not be in the following sectors -

  • fishery and aquaculture
  • primary production, processing and marketing of agricultural products
  • coal, steel and shipbuilding sectors
  • synthetic fibres sector
  • Establishments providing generalised (school age) education
  • Banking and insurance companies - this includes insurance brokers who act as intermediaries and ‘sell’ insurance policies to businesses or individuals.

If you meet all three requirements, why not register and let us help your company?