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Helping Fintech firms break into new markets

With over £840 billion spent across the last 12 months on credit, debit, and charge cards, organisations are looking to save on transaction costs boost competitiveness.

With over £840 billion spent across the last 12 months on credit, debit, and charge cards, organisations are looking to save on transaction costs boost competitiveness. With the rapid growth in online transactions, a number of companies have sprung up designed to save on transaction costs by breaking down complex pricing structures.

SavePay, an SME focussed online payment broker, approached the University of Bedfordshire as part of the ICT Escalator programme, to help tap into unexplored markets and extend SavePay’s market share.

Dr Mitul Shukla, lecturer in Computer Science and Technology, reviewed SavePay’s business domain and the challenges that SavePay want to address and recommended exploring search engine optimisation, automated data gathering, and updating the SavePay website.

Dr Shukla reviewed the currently untapped markets by SavePay and examined market penetration tactics that could be employed by SavePay. He further probed the use of automation and tracking to maintain competitive pricing and offer the best possible price to customers.

The final report proposed a series of solutions including creating an integrated digital marketing plan, brand differentiation, and customer incentivisation. As part of the programme, SavePay were awarded a £3,000 grant to implement the actions outlined in the report.

Skills 4 Stem on education and gamification.

That’s what games are in the end. Teachers. Fun is just another word for learning (Raph Koster, entrepreneur).  With 61% of CEOs, CFOs, and senior executives take daily game breaks at work and a market that will be worth $5.5bn in 2018, gamification is an increasingly prevalent strategy in the world of work and education. 

Skills 4 Stem (S4S) deliver high quality digital assessment tools, face to face training, and consultancy services for employers within Science Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) sectors. Being the first to market in the UK with Leadership gamification products, S4S approached the University of Bedfordshire to design a plan that enhanced S4S’s offering in this area, incorporating the latest developments in digital technologies, platforms, and understanding.  Dr Jim Wood, senior lecturer in Creative Technologies, reviewed gamification in leadership and education, explored the technical alternatives for adding interactivity, and proposed technical links for S4S to combine agile development with a cloud-based collaborative library.  

The innovation plan delivered key insights into the latest technologies and platforms for gamification. The report recommended a pilot test of an innovative virtual learning environment, as well as applying for a £15,000 grant to implement the action plan.

Robots communicating with devices

When you have over 250 computing languages and at least 7 different communication protocols, it can become a little complicated to get one
robot to effectively talk with another.

In practice, you have two options:

  • 1) Use adapters, this often involves compromising on the functionality of your robot.
  • 2) Design your own software to meet an industry-standard protocol.

Faced with this problem, Adaptive Automation, an expert in the field of robotics, decided to design their own software.  This is no small task. That’s why Adaptive Automation opted to work with the University of Bedfordshire through the Innovation Bridge programme.

Dr Yue Zhang, a specialist in High Speed Digital System Design, carried out comprehensive research on the feasibility of the project, covering aspects of technical specification, likely cost implications, and recommended funding options to help manage the risks associated with introducing a new standar.

Following their successful engagement with the University, Adaptive Automation are now exploring the funding options according to the road map laid out by Dr Zhang.

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